About us

Syner-Med (Pharmaceutical Products) Ltd. is a fast growing Company dedicated to innovation in healthcare. The Company has been successful in product development and licensing. The Company’s focus is to bring niche products to the NHS and to support healthcare professionals in delivering excellent and competent patient care.

Care Solutions - Syner-Med is committed to working with the NHS to improve patient healthcare and welcomes the recent move from the Department of Health and the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), which formalises how the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry can work together in a more transparent business-to-business manner for the benefit of patients.

Syner-Med develops mutually rewarding partnerships with its customers based on a clear understanding of their needs and challenges. We are committed to working towards health care solutions that ensure that patients receive cost effective treatments with maximum therapeutic effect.

The patient is and always will be our primary focus. We are dedicated to working closely with HCPs to finding cost effective solutions which create win/win solutions for HCP, NHS and the Company.

Where we are going

Syner-Med's success which has been built on bringing pioneering products to healthcare professionals stems from its philosophy of keeping pace with informed and evidence based technologies. We aim to differentiate our services to the Health Care sector by way of introducing and developing evolving discoveries that will meet “unmet” clinical needs of patients.

Syner-Med's values play a central role in our daily work towards fulfilling our mission:

  • Patient Focus
  • Innovation
  • Maintaining an Effective Pulse in the Health Care Industry 
  • Development and Investment in People


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